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Магнитная терапия простатит

A A Хронический простатит — достаточно распространенное заболевание среди лиц среднего и молодого возраста, даже с 20 лет. Основными причинами, способствующими возникновению воспалительных процессов в предстательной железе, являются урогенитальные инфекции. Они могут быть и передающимися половым путем, и возникающими вследствие активизации собственной бактериальной флоры в силу снижения защитных сил организма, нарушения микроциркуляции и преобладания застойных явлений в органе. В лечении хронического простатита широко используются физиотерапевтическое воздействие.

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Промышленнаяг. Мы осуществляем обработку Ваших персональных данных с целью дачи ответа на заданный Вами вопрос. Оператор, в таком случае, обязан удалить Ваши персональные данные и в дальнейшем их не обрабатывать.

Отзыв согласия не нарушает законности обработки магнитная терапия простатит данных на основании согласия, полученного до его отзыва. Вы имеете право подать жалобу в Орган надзора Управление защиты персональных данных на Оператора, осуществляющего обработку персональных данных. Магнитная терапия простатит are entitled to request information about the personal data recorded, their correction or deletion андрогин аппарат при простатите отзывы they are granted on the basis of your consent.

If automated processing occurs, you have the right to data portability and not be the subject of a decision based solely on that decision.

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Securing your personal data Biomag Medical s. It takes care of the security of the personal information you transmit to магнитная терапия простатит. We have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data sufficiently concerning the seriousness of its processing. Your unauthorised person has access to your personal data that we have obtained from you, and we do not pass it without your consent to other entities for further processing unless required by law or in the protection of our legal interests.

Воспаление предстательной железы (Простатит)

Right to information Your right is to ask Biomag Medical s. We will provide this information free of charge within 30 days, at extraordinary times within 90 days.

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We will inform you in advance of the remarkable time limit. If you request disclosure of the information we register, we will first need to verify that you are the person who belongs to that information.

In your application, therefore, provide sufficient identification of your person.

Применение магнитотерапии при простатите

If necessary, we have the right to request additional information for your identification before we магнитная терапия простатит you with the personal data we process to your person. It is our right to reasonably reject information requirements that are unreasonable, inappropriate, or unreasonable, or difficult to obtain typically from backup systems, archive materials, etc. Right to data portability You have the right to obtain the personal data we record about you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

Based on your request, these data may be passed to магнитная терапия простатит administrator. Update data, right to repair Because personal data may change over time for example, changing Surnamewe will be glad to inform you that you have made any changes so that your personal data is up to date магнитная терапия простатит that there are no mistakes. Submission of information about the change of data is necessary for us to be able to perform магнитная терапия простатит activity of the Administrator correctly.

This is also related to your right to repair the personal information we have about you.

Служба поддержки

If you find that our магнитная терапия простатит is no longer up to date, you have the right to have it fixed. Objections If you believe that we do not process your personal data under applicable Czech and EU law, you магнитная терапия простатит the right to object, and we will then verify the validity of your request.

At the time of the objection, processing of your personal data will be limited until it is proved that the complaint is justified. We inform you that it магнитная терапия простатит your right also to address an objection to the processing of personal data processed by you at the relevant Personal Data Protection Supervisory Authority. Right to limit processing You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data if you believe that such records are not accurate or we process them unlawfully, and if you think that we no longer need them for processing.

The right to erase If you have ever permitted us to process our personal information for example, the email address of the newsletter sentyou have the right to revoke it at any time, and we must delete the data we process solely based on your consent. The power of cancellation does not apply to processed data under contract performance магнитная терапия простатит, legitimate reasons магнитная терапия простатит legitimate interests. If some of your data is stored in backup systems that магнитная терапия простатит provide the resilience of all our systems and is a data loss protection function магнитная терапия простатит crash cases, it is not our fault to erase these data from backup systems, and it is often not technically feasible.

However, these data are no longer actively processed and will not be used for further processing purposes.

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The information we store includes: Your IP Address Opening page магнитная терапия простатит our site Http reply code Identify your browser We process this information for a maximum of 38 months and only for our legal protection. Our cookies store no personal data and are not able to identify you as a specific person.

магнитная терапия простатит

Cookies improve the functionality of our website One reason for using cookies is to understand better how our websites are used to enhance their attractiveness, content and functionality. In particular, we count the number of page views, the number of sub-pages displayed, the amount of time spent on our website, the order of the pages visited, which the search terms entered into, the country, the region.

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Moreover, if necessary, магнитная терапия простатит city from which access was made what browser you are using and what language you use, and the percentage of магнитная терапия простатит terminals that log on to our website. Cookies for targeted online advertising We reserve the right to use the information we have obtained through cookies and anonymous analysis of your use of the websites that display corresponding ads for our specific services and products.

We believe this is a benefit to you as a user, as we show you advertisements or content that we think to be in your interests - based on your behaviour on the website.

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If you do not want Biomag Medical s. None of the data we examine through this service is your personal data. With this service, we detect traffic and geographic data, browser information, and the operating system from which you access your website. We use all of this information for marketing purposes for further improving websites and content, as well as for legal protection purposes.